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Welcome to the Venom Sports Girls (VSG) Basketball program. This program is designed to improve the girls basketball skills and be fun and rewarding for the girls participating in the Eastern Iowa region.  We currently have over 30 girls playing from ages k-high school on teams 3/4th-5/6th-7/8th -9-10 th JV- HS.  We have beginner to advanced girls in every team.  We play from Oct- thru August in summer leagues, fall, winter and spring leagues and weekend local and national tourneys.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to organize, administer, and maintain a highly competitive girls basketball program.  We strive to provide our participants with instruction in individual and team basketball skills, and to create an environment that encourages the spirit of sportsmanship, as well as commitment to teamwork. Coach Earl pushes the kids and parents weekly and yearly to strive to be the best they can be.  Coach Earl coaches each team, and is present at every practice and game, to make sure your child is getting the coaching and instruction weekly-and monthly you signed up for. 

Email Coach Earl at for tourney forms or visit his blog page to download a tourney flier.  With venom sports girls and Venom Sport boys we host numerous 1 day events a year for boys and girls 3-12th grades 
Venom Hoops with Coop-3on3/ 3-12th and adult div, 1st Sat of Oct
Venom Fall Shootout- 3-12th boys/girls -normally last Sat of Oct
Venom winter games-3-8th boys/girls-last Sun before Christmas
Venom Spring Fling-3-12th boys/girls-1st Sun before Spring Break
Venom summer league 3on 3/3-8th boys/girls'June-July- 5 weeks
NOTE: See our Updated forms for our tourneys - please indicate the level of play,whether your team is boys or girls team and team contact info, cell phone and email.   All the updated info is linked, in live time below by clicking on Coach Earl's blog. 

For  contact:
319 430-2537 cell
follow coach Earl on twitter@coachacieearl
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